About AICM

The American Intermodal Container Manufacturing Company (AICM) is the leading manufacturer of 53-foot domestic containers in North America. AICM is a privately owned and operated company formed in 2012 to address an immediate need in the U.S. market for a reliable domestic source of quality built 53-foot, high-tensile steel intermodal containers. Read more here.

Our Products
Industry Standard

The utilization of 53-foot shipping containers has become an industry standard in the North American market. Designed for domestic transportation, the 53-foot intermodal container offers our customers the ability to deliver its cargo without the need to load and unload its contents before reaching its destination. Read more here.

Our Services
Committed to Satisfaction

We are committed to our customers’ satisfaction. We have made significant investments in a state-of-the-art integrated robotic assembly system that ensures every container produced meets the industry’s highest standards. Read more here.

Our Manufacturing
Leading in North America

We are the leading domestic container manufacturer in North America. Headquartered in Northern Mississippi, our manufacturing operations utilize 350,000 square feet of brand new space in the Stateline Business Park, in Southaven, Mississippi, just outside the city of Memphis Tennessee. Read more here.