Our Products

Designed from the ground up with North American know-how

The utilization of 53-foot shipping containers has become an industry standard in the North American Market.


Designed for domestic transportation, the 53-foot intermodal container offers our customers the ability to deliver its cargo without the need to load and unload its contents before reaching its destination. Plus, with 45% more volume than a 40-foot container, the 53-foot container has significantly improved the economic competitiveness for our customers shipping cargo long distances by road and rail.

  • We have invested in high-volume, integrated and automated robotic welding, assembly and paint systems modeled after those of the automotive industry to guarantee a high-quality product
  • We utilize a highly trained and skilled workforce and our product is proudly American-made
  • We developed several prototypes that have exceeded the Association of American Railroads (AAR) standard for domestic shipping containers